What does it mean to be Welcome?

What does it mean to be Welcome?

One of my favorite aspects of my career as a real estate agent, is to be able to say Welcome Home. 

The word Welcome is so powerful. According the Mark Twain quote 

“A kindly courtesy does at least save one’s feelings, even if it is not professing to stand for a welcome.”

So a welcome is far beyond a courtesy.  

It makes us think of hospitality. Whose job is it to welcome and be welcoming? Those in hospitality.  It involves making others feel at home. 

It involves a relation between a host and a guest. 

“When I offer hospitality, something amazing happens–so much more than I have anything to do with. An exchange takes place. Our guests bring who they are with them and enlarge our lives in their offerings.”
― Janice Peterson, Becoming Gertrude: How Our Friendships Shape Our Faith

With Christmas time coming up we’re reminded that for Mary and Joseph, they couldn’t find any places at any inns.

but they still found warmth, generosity, and friendship. 

One of my favorite traditions is that of setting an extra place at the table for the unexpected guest. 

Welcoming someone into the home also involves dinner many times and dinner can be quite magical. 

Madeline L’Engel claims “There is nothing that makes me happier than sitting around the dinner table and talking until the candles burned down.” 

Or Samuel Pepys thought that “Strangle to see how a good dinner and feasting reconciles everybody.”  

How does it feel to be welcomed home?  Well you’d be past the anxiety of financing, the appraisal, the offer, the inspection– to a different place. Of not needing to worry if it will become yours because it has. 

If you want to go through the process of welcoming yourself home, I can help.  

Laura Connor

Laura has been living in the Roaring Fork Valley since 2014! She enjoys 4 wheeling, horseback riding, camping, and hiking. She provides market analyses to property owners, writes property management agreements and leases. Markets the property, shows to tenants, provides monthly online billing and accounting services.

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