The Tranquility of Loft Bedrooms

Loft bedrooms are to die for! Light pours in and air wafts. 

A keyword with loft bedrooms is intention. As famed designed Nate Berkus notes  “In a modern loft, you can’t just fill the space with furniture. Each piece has to be perfect.” 

While I’m more familiar with lofted rooms in A-frame cabins, lofts are associated with urbanity because the more people live somewhere the more random spaces become utilized.   As Virginia Postrel notes “What makes a loft authentic isn’t its layout or its history, but its ability to give people a true home — a dwelling that reflects their personalities and aspirations, including their dreams of urbanity.” 

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Want to find an attic space or a loft in an A-Frame? Or some land to build one on?  Get in touch and I can help make your loftiest home dreams come true! 

The songs I chose to go with a loft bedroom include this wonderful Lullaby by Mark Kozelek. Then we have the classic Dreamweaver by Gary Wright.  Finally, Taylor Swift’s Wildest Dreams because loft bedrooms are what wild dreams are made of.