Attitude of Gratitude

Attitude of Gratitude

Gratitude is a great emotion because I feel as though its the compass of all the rest, or could reset such a compass. 

With Thanksgiving around the corner its coming up a lot. 

Gratitude came up on a podcast where a guy challenged himself to write a lot of thank you cards. 

One of the things that interesting about gratitude is that it implies a deep acceptance of things as they are. 

We all know how John Denver resonated with the landscape of the Roaring Fork Valley. 

“I believe that we are here for each other, not against each other. Everything comes from an understanding that you are a gift in my life – whoever you are, whatever our differences.”

John Denver is expressing the gift like character of others in our lives.  Just like the saying, “I deserved my enemies, but I don’t think I deserved my friends.”  You don’t deserve a gift. 

The idea of a gift kind of goes together with the idea of something being hidden.  The gift that is discovered inside of the hidden egg, behind the bough of a tree — there’s something very right about the idea of gifts being hidden. 

For example, you may not see another person as a gift at first or for the first twenty years. But when you see it, you see it and its such a revelation as though it were previously hidden. 

Gary Keller shares that in each shift as in market shift there is a gift.  So, as the market shifts around Covid regulations, the question ought to arise, what is the gift of this shift? 

So you don’t deserve a gift and you feel a feeling of gratitude. 

The way that it is outside the economic logic– gifts are not owed, deserved, or tit for tat. 

Makes me think of this poem by Hafiz The Sun Never Says 



All this time 

the sun never says to the earth, 

“You owe Me.” 


What happens 

With a love like that,

It lights the 



Gratitude makes me reflect on feelings that are outside of economic logic even though my day job is related to how much should be paid for this house, or that appliance, or this repair, so I am very much attuned to the economic dimensions of transactions–I am also essentially assisting my clients, who have all been gifts.  

Laura Connor

Laura has been living in the Roaring Fork Valley since 2014! She enjoys 4 wheeling, horseback riding, camping, and hiking. She provides market analyses to property owners, writes property management agreements and leases. Markets the property, shows to tenants, provides monthly online billing and accounting services.

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