Rustic Farmhouse Kitchens

There’s something about a room that is simple and functional that makes it feel ok just to have a simple and functional meal and day. 

You really only need 3 dishes for a meal, more than that you’re getting fancy.  The best recipes don’t have a ton of ingredients. Just like life– God, family, business if you get into too many other priorities what should be simple gets complex. 

If you have to boil it down, you need to sleep, eat, and do something each day and if you do, then call it good. 

In the simplest definition, cooking is applying heat to food. And yet, there are so many elaborate books about it. 

I give baking a pass, because that is a science.  I guess kitchens are also a place where  art meets science and makes you feel like magic.  

“This kitchen is seasoned with love” is one of my favorite thoughts because its interesting how the more you’re thinking of your loved ones while you’re cooking, the better the food turns out. 

Rustic just communicates old and time tested.  It can be the table, or a stone faced wall, a wood stove or hanging pots. 

My favorite rustic cooking device is a dutch oven and cooking outside, either on a tripod over a fire, or in a pit covered with hot coals.  I also like to cook while camping and not over pack so keeping meal time simple is so key. 

A leading blogger on this topic is Danielle Kartes Rustic, Joyful, Food. 

Or try Ian Knauer’s cookbook The Farm: Rustic Recipes for a Year of Incredible Food. 

Eating close to the earth whether it be your own garden or locally grown food gets us thinking about where food comes from and how to enjoy it. 

Check out the slowfood movement here. 

And see my article on local food sources in the Roaring Fork Valley and Western Slope here. 

To buy or sell a rustic kitchen, contact me today! 

The songs I chose include Maroon 5’s Sugar, which is an ingredient in everyone’s kitchen. 

The second is Red, Red Wine which was a Neil Diamond song before it was a UB40 song, and I really enjoyed this version. 

Finally, we have Anna Kendrick’s Cup Song because its inspiring to make music with the contents of your kitchen.