Mudrooms, Inside and Out

Here we are Roaring Fork Valley and Western Slope. In our own little fall mud season.  After the snow melts, before the next snow. 

Just whisper the word mudroom and something in my brain lights up. Which is weird because mud itself has such a bad reputation. 

To muddy the issue is to confuse several issues together which are separate; 

to have mud on your face is to be blatantly at fault in front of others; 

to throw mud is to viciously gossip. 

On the other hand, e.e. cummings is so right as he declares that the “world is mud-lucious and puddle wonderful”. 

Mud is on both sides of our fantasies. After all, who doesn’t want to hear a man sing “Gotta little dirt on my boots….” 

This is what whispering mudroom triggers– the incredible idea that we could keep all the mud in one room in the house. Everything you could possibly need to leave the house will be neatly organized here. 

Mudrooms make us think of our priority to be clean and organized, and the line between indoors and outdoors could be easily managed. 

Is a mud season coming up? You mean fall, winter, spring —

If you need to find that wonderful room where you will cross the threshold between indoors and out innumerable times in your life, call me. 

or start searching on my app! 

You can check out great mudroom ideas here.  

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Florida Georgia Line’s Dirt is probably the greatest anthem to buying a house, and to the stuff that gets all muddy. 

And when you want to get someone’s stuff out of your mudroom, you’re going to want to listen to Taylor Swift’s Clean.

Notice the fantasy quality of the song clean.