Marble, Colorado

Marble Colorado

Marble Colorado is off County Rd 3, which is a left turn off of scenic Hwy 133 past Redstone. 

The best cameras in the world are made for this place.  Every time I’m there, first I want to take a lot of pictures, then I feel like none of the pictures has done it justice. 

Its not really a town, more like a hamlet or village.  There are about 300 year round residents.  If you don’t like snow, its not the town for you. 

If you don’t like driving 45 minutes to get gas or groceries, its not the town for you.  If you’re a backcountry mountaineering expert, or love snow plowing, it may be the community for you. If you need to be awed and inspired, this is the town for you. 

Beaver Lake, the Lead King Basin, the Crystal Mill, and Lizard Lake are all here. 

For a travel guide perspective on Marble, see this article. 

Marble is in Gunnison County.

Read about Marble’s Historical Tales and True Stories here. 

Find out about the Marble Symposium if you’re into sculpting Marble. 

If you want to buy a home in Marble, contact me. I can help you find the perfect set up.  

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