Living Rooms are for Feeling Alive

We’re all alive but on some days or in some moments we feel so more than others.  What makes you feel alive?  For me, the drive to get the highest price for a listing, the joy of calls coming in on a listing, the feeling I helped a client move on from a home… these are moments in which I feel alive.  Likewise, running to write the best offer before a home is snapped up by someone else’s buyer, the sending of the email that contains the right home, the connecting buyers with the right lender for them… these moments also make me feel alive.  

Everyone needs to recharge and a good couch and a good conversation can go far towards that end.  Lighting, greenery, a focal point, and views… living rooms can truly serve as a muse for what the next step should be. 

I really enjoy this quote “Being alive is not a miracle, feeling alive is” — by Amit Abraham

And of course the philosophical tradition in defining the contemplative life versus the active life seems to be noting there is more than one path to feeling alive.  Its like cooking without a recipe or traveling with only a vague plan.. there’s an edge to aliveness… in the awareness that there is an edge but not completely sure exactly which step would be too far and a desire to get right up against it. 

Or when some tiny gesture, something really simple feels like it means the whole world. The refreshing cup of tea, reading the paper without looking at the clock, receiving a hug at just the right time. 

If you’ve forgotten and want to read about it, Walt Whitman’s I Sing the Body Electric can help you feel it. Or letting out your primeval yalp. 

I was listening to a podcast on Empire Building and they were discussing that time management may be the wrong way to think of what is really energy management.  And I thought this was really profound, because when what you’re doing hits you in the place that is regenerative you’re propelled forward. But when it sucks the life force from you, you can lose touch with the source of your own liveliness, you’re lost.  

Who could forget the best movie line



“our greatest accomplishments cannot be behind us, because our destiny lies above us.”

Here’s to being present enough to feel alive. 

If you need a new living room that helps you feel your own vivaciousness get in touch. 

If you need to leave your house behind to feel more alive going forward, I can help. 

For songs we have Dierks Bentley to remind us that sometimes we’re livin and sometimes we’re just alive. 

One Direction reminds us the living room is a great place to work out the story. 

Finally Pink Floyd’s music takes us to the idea of coming back to life, which can often be done in the living room.