Horse Property for Sale

A great property accommodates the beings that live there.  To search for horse properties, I used a search for 35-100 acres. This would allow for pasture space, which is important since running around and playing is so crucial to the well being of animals. 

The green dots below are horse properties for sale. Click here to see the link to more information on these properties. 

If its time to list your horse property get an agent who will advertise in horse magazines in addition to real estate outlets. 

If its time to buy a horse property choose an agent who understands the property requirements that accompany safe horse care. 

I understand how horsing around taught me responsibility, confidence, communication with animals, perseverance, and a love of the outdoors. So I am immediately on board with others’ plans to invest in this kind of joy.

See my article on all of the places to horse around in the Roaring Fork Valley and Western Slope here. 

I took the acreage requirement down to 10 acres and created 3 separate searches. 

10 acres or more UpValley Carbondale to Snowmass.

10 acres or more with Glenwood Springs at the center. 

10 acres or more DownValley. 

Horse Property Lookbook