Homes for sale in Grand Junction, Colorado


When I search for homes in Grand Junction, I use the paragon search program of the Grand Junction multiple listing service. 

For a great interactive home buying experience try downloading my app. Once I’m connected as your realtor, I’ll be able to see the homes you have liked. 

One of the best reasons to use buyer’s agents is due to the fact the realtor’s commission is paid for by the seller, as long as the seller is using a realtor to list their home in the multiple listing service.  As a buyer you won’t have to worry about the commission because the rate is already published in the multiple listing service and your realtor can tell you if they accept that. You may have to pay the commission if you want to buy a For Sale by owner home and the seller refuses to pay, or if the percentage offered in the multiple listing service is less than your realtor asks for, you may be asked to make up the difference. 

Its such an advantage as a buyer to sign an exclusive buyer’s agency agreement with your realtor because you know that person will be ready to go to bat for you.  Let your realtor know your schedule and when you’d be available to look at homes.  I will drop everything and rearrange my schedule for a buyer with whom I have an exclusive agency agreement. If I don’t know your prequalified and will be writing an offer with me, it’s risky for me. 

Additionally, your realtor can get to know the lender you have chosen and any contractual requirements of the loan type that was chosen for you.  Keeping the calendar of the transaction, recommending inspectors, reviewing the inspection report, inquiring about appraisals, and generally troubleshooting to close is what a realtor does.  You need someone with experience in reading a title commitment because issues do come up. 

There is a three way match up going on between loan type, borrower qualifications, and condition or location of the home. So if a lender is refusing to underwrite a home that is your dream home, your realtor can recommend a different lender. 

Your realtor will negotiate the terms you want, and negotiate to move deadlines if that is what the loan officer needs.  They have a fiduciary duty to make sure your earnest money gets to the right place. 

Realtors have a code of ethics that we review yearly.   Keller Williams has a set of values that align with my approach to business, which is one of the reasons I was so excited to join Keller Williams Colorado West, LLC.  Another reason is our wide geographic area and number of agents.  There’s a Crested Butte office, Montrose Office, a Grand Junction office, and a Glenwood Springs office.  

The system in place of licensing realtors secures the entire showing experience. To get the true experience of the home, you don’t want the sellers there. But the sellers don’t want you to be un qualified financially, spreading covid and stealing their stuff.  So their realtor has recommended an electronic lockbox so you’ll know the realtor who showed the home, what time they came and when they left, and the home was secured in all the in between time. 

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