Garage Doors that make a style statement

The whole computer tech movement that has changed our daily practices has a special affinity with this room outside the home. 

Steve Jobs states “I sat in a garage and invented the future”. 

While Jeff Bezos notes “Our garage was basically science fair central”. 

Once I was getting some sort of cognitive test as a child and the question was “would you rather have a house or a garage”?  I immediately replied, a garage, because you can put your fridge in the garage but you can’t put the car in the house, so on utility and flexibility the garage wins all day long. 

A detatched garage in Western Colorado is also known as a shop, and like many garages its not really for the car. 

In order to transform homes for additional living spaces, the old trick of converting the garage is still alive and well. 

My mom once said, you learn everything you need to know about people if you just go to garage sales.  

And a boss once told me, if you really want people to see the add for your business, put it in the garage sale section of the paper. 

Garages are not just for cast off brilliant young people, or cast off stuff to sell.  Oftentimes, its not the cast off but the favorite things that are found in the garage.  

Around here, the number of sporting goods that could be useful in a year requires the kind of storage that a garage provides.  

At the same time, the garage is definitely a place to make a design statement if the garage faces forward onto the street. 

To get other staging tips, you can read or download my staging guide.  

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