First Impressions

First impressions are so key in life.  As Cynthia Ozick notes, “Two things remain irretrievable: time and a first impression”. 

Even though we learn through experience our first impressions can be misleading, unreliable or entirely wrong the reason its said you only have 1 chance is that you don’t know how long the other will fail to revise the first impression. It makes a mark so to speak. 

Kristin Stewart remarks that its a downfall of fame that there aren’t many chances so to speak to make a first impression if everyone already has some sort of impression. So there’s a power in the ability to make them. 

That’s why it’s said to ladies that when it’s time to enter a room, make sure you’re smiling. 

I’m really looking forward to reading this book on first impressions. 

In real estate, the first impression is the curb appeal so to speak.  When people turn the corner and see the house for the first time, does it make them excited to see more? Do they see themselves living there? Do they feel invited? 

The trick to the front doorway is for it to be clean, seasonally decorated, and a clear path in. 

If you notice the professional pictures of front doors, they have half as much clutter as most of us do at the door.  The edging on the walkways… sometimes its everything you don’t see that lets the ideal vision hit you. 

And there’s a sense of color and symmetry with windows. 

The worst is when you get to a house and it’s hard to tell which entrance is the intended one for guests. 

And you definitely need a functional porch light for evening passersby. 

The first impression thing is why a seller should not attend his or her own showings, and why a home should be declutters.  

Check out these front door home staging tips here. 

Just like a nice outfit, a nice hairstyle and nice listening skills can make a person irresistible, you want buyers to feel something irresistible about your home to encourage high offers.  People have eyes to see and will notice things you have long stopped noticing. That is why I always provide professional staging guidance to my sellers at no cost to them because I pride myself on being able to achieve the highest possible price for homes I list to sell.  It is also why I choose a professional photographer but also attend the photo session myself to ensure the photos are distraction free.  

Thinking of selling your home? You can read my staging guide here. 

When you think you may be ready to sell, see the pre-listing guide and call me! 

The songs I chose for First Impressions is Roberta Flacks the First Time Ever I Saw Your Face, because its beautiful. 

Ellie Goulding’s video is bizarre but the song is about first times. 

First Saw You by Joe Stamm featuring Tasji Bachman comes back to the power of remembering that first impression. 

So now that you’re reminded how important first impressions are, let’s get your home ready for someone to have that experience when they arrive at your front door.