Kitchen Capers

Kitchen Capers

The kitchen is one of the rooms that can teach us so much history. In Downton Abbey, it was huge and well equipped, but downstairs. 

The shifting mores of wild eating is traced in this text covering changes in early modern French cuisine and cookbooks.

In the Thompson House in Carbondale, the kitchen is on the back side and quite small, as they were in early American farmhouses. 

Proximity to outdoors is important– bringing supplies in and taking a hot pot out. In fact in the Middle Ages outdoor kitchens were the norm. 

Alfred Hitchcock once said “Happines is a small house with a big kitchen.”  

Maybe it was small and in the back because women and slaves worked there, and domestic labor has been undervalued.  

But somewhere along the line men got whiff –its the zone of secret ingredients and seasonings, the scene of dancing, talking, cooking, eating and experimentation. 

Who isn’t immediately brought to everything wonderful about a kitchen when they read In the Night Kitchen?  

Its a workshop for creativity with dangeous knives and delicious aromas. Feeding people is a love language.  

To see food as a way the past comes into the present, all you have to do is watch “Like Water for Chocolate”. 

It’s the scene of sensuality, it’s a ritual of family ties, it’s about desire and satiation. The kitchen, what a wonderful room. 

In modern times, it’s a place we can think about the slow food movement, how we can join community supported agriculture.  

It’s a place where we can turn our fridge into a super fridge.

Invite me over, we’ll sit around the kitchen, I’ll show you a valuation of your current home and we’ll make a plan to sell it to get you into your next kitchen.  When it comes to a successful real estate transaction I have the recipe, and all the secret ingredients. 

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Laura Connor

Laura has been living in the Roaring Fork Valley since 2014! She enjoys 4 wheeling, horseback riding, camping, and hiking. She provides market analyses to property owners, writes property management agreements and leases. Markets the property, shows to tenants, provides monthly online billing and accounting services.

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