Covid Conscientious

Covid Conscientious


Covid definitely affects real estate sales because selling your home is the one time in your life you will allow others in space.  Buyer agents and qualified buyers need to take a look in person to confirm the decision to buy. Our imperative to be conscientious is made difficult by the symptomless carrying that comes with Covid.  Part of real estate being the right job for me has to do with my love of living by the letter.  I can be a relaxed person but if there are rules and regulations, I want to know about them. 

Check out these resources on the latest covid related regulations.  If you’re a buyer, you’ll see what’s expected when you’re on showings.  If you’re a seller you can decide if its the right time to allow this risk into your life. 

You decide if you need to move. 

Any agent will give you a disclosure to sign related to covid. 

Laura Connor

Laura has been living in the Roaring Fork Valley since 2014! She enjoys 4 wheeling, horseback riding, camping, and hiking. She provides market analyses to property owners, writes property management agreements and leases. Markets the property, shows to tenants, provides monthly online billing and accounting services.

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