Carbondale CO Real Estate

Carbondale used to be hidden, unknown, unbothered and small. Now it’s leading the way in environmentally conscientious town planning.

The farm to table restaurant scene is booming, and locally crafted liquor tastes like its taken ages to perfect. 

My list of great Carbondale restaurants is here. 

Aspen Glen Golf Course, and the Ironbridge Golf Course are great choices. 

Mt. Sopris dominates the skyline. 

Inventory is limited.  Carbondale is Aspen for the folks who want to be here all year round, and don’t need slopeside. Laidback, friendly, and playful are the three adjectives I would use for Carbondale. 

Its a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts.  There’s like 12,000 people and 5 climbing gyms and 5 mountain biking shops. 

Backcountry adventures are there for the discovery. 

I can help you buy a home or townhouse in Carbondale as I have for others.  Come if you’re called here. 

If you’re thinking of listing your property in or around Carbondale, my comparative market analysis will go the distance in providing the data you need to price your home correctly. 

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