Your evenings on deck

Decks are the best.  You immediately feel relaxed and you can say what’s on your mind on a deck.  A phenomenal view takes the focus off the self and onto nature, off of frustrations and into gratitude for the view.  

Decks are a traditional indoor outdoor space.

Bob Vila’s website has some ideas for deck design.  

The Family Handyman blog has some tips on rebuilding an old deck. 

This is a book about deck designs. 

This one claims to be the ultimate guide to decks. 

If you login to your account with the Garfield County libraries, you can check out one of these books on decks. 

Decks: Plan Design Build

Deck Ideas you can Use

Deck Codes and Standards

Deck Designs

If your’e looking for a new deck with a view, I can definitely find you one and help you buy it as yours.  To tour decks, start your home search today at